Opposing sides: How previous collaboration can cost companies headed to litigation

Exploring how a collaborative history between professionals can turn sour, researchers analyzed more than 21,000 lawyers in 4,900 intellectual property lawsuits filed over 15 years.

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How to Figure Out How Much Influence You Have at Work

A banker in Southeast Asia wanted to allow employees of a car rental agency to buy used cars from the employer. But not a single business unit was able to put together that product.

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3 Powerful Forces That Are Completely Changing the Way We Lead

How should leadership style change over the course of a person’s career? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.

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What Companies Are Best at Keeping Up With Changing Markets?

What are some of the most effective examples of corporate leadership in recent years? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.

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Midwest employees frown on emoji trend

To include emojis with an office e-mail to show how you feel about it, or not?

That was among questions posed in a new national survey as folks in Michigan gave emojis a proverbial thumbs down...

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3 Important Factors That Will Completely Redefine Leadership

Early in your career, you may be preoccupied with tactical managerial issues and have fewer opportunities to select your own team. One straightforward implication of career progression, however...

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The Ultimate Secrets of Rock Star Networking

The networks of relationships we form in the regular course of life are more of a constraint than enabler when it comes to our ability to lead others and be successful.

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The 5 Best Habits of Highly Influential People

What are some effective ways to "lead up", or influence without authority?

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Do a Personal Power Audit

How indispensable are you at work? How can you tell?

One way you won’t be able to tell is by looking at the organization chart. Companies operate less in vertical silos now and more like a matrix of interconnected groups.

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Ditch Performance Reviews? How About Learn to do Them Well?

Few activities in a workplace polarize like performance reviews. Some see them as subjective and ungrounded, one-sided and boss-dominated and something we should do away with entirely, an opinion put forth most recently in a Wall Street Journal article. Others find them an invaluable tool to develop employees and move the company forward.

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Preparing for the Exit

A word of advice for companies thinking about forming a business alliance: Before launching any partnership, make sure both parties agree on how you'll know, and what you'll do, when it's over.

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